Putting back what time takes out, naturally

Sculptra Wrinkle Injections- restoring volume and correcting contour defects

Why Sculptra?

The natural ageing process causes skin to lose its full, firm, youthful appearance. Skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles and folds to appear. Fat tissue is lost and patients look older. CAS offers consultations on fillers for wrinkles such as Sculptra which can help restore lost volume to the face and smooth deep folds and wrinkles.


For patients who want to restore volume and contour to their face or lose deep lines and folds.

Areas for Sculptra are:

Upper Face Crow's feet
  Orbital rim
  Temple concavity
Mid Face Nasolabial folds
  Buccal concavity
Lower Face Marionette lines
  Oral rhytides
  Glabellar lines


The patient should be re-evaluated no sooner than 2 weeks after each injection session to determine if additional correction is needed.

After approximately 6 weeks clear improvement can be seen.

Larger volume defects may involve further treatment.

Volume effects for over 3 years

A recent European study has shown:

  • Long-lasting correction of small and large tissue defects;
  • Volume effects were found to persist in numerous patients for over 3 years;
  • Sculptra has the potential to improve quality of life.

Sculptra safety

  • Contains Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) which is biocompatible and biodegradeable;
  • Synthetically produced and allergy testing is unnecessary;
  • Used as a polymer in medicine for 25 years;
  • PLLA has been safely used for about 10 years in orthopaedic and facial surgery and for the correction of scars and wrinkles;
  • Well tolerated;
  • Minimally invasive with a low frequency of side effects.

Over 150,000 patients have been treated world-wide since 1999.

More than 17,000 patients have been treated in the UK since 2005.

Overall PLLA (Sculptra) has been found to be well-tolerated and has been shown to have a good safety profile in four clinical trials.

Sculptra facial fillers

Working naturally to restore facial volume and correct contour defects for longer

  • Replaces lost volume caused by ageing;
  • Corrects deep folds, wrinkles and contour defects;
  • Increases dermal thickness;
  • Long-lasting natural appearance with results lasting for over 3 years;
  • Biocompatible and biodegradeable;
  • Allergy testing is unnecessary;
  • Used in orthopaedic and facial surgery and for the correction of scars and wrinkles;
  • Low frequency of side effects.