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 The Angel Lift 

Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma Injections with the Angel™ System
Plus Total FX or Fraxel DUAL Laser Treatment

 In 2011 it was rumoured that superstar actress Angelina Jolie (above) had received Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in her face to boost collagen and suddenly everyone wanted to know about this new treatment! 

PRP is now a well-established cosmetic treatment and has been referred to in the past as either the ‘Dracula or Vampire Treatment’, but with advances in the technology using the Angel® blood separation system it is now readily referred to as ‘The Angel Lift’ and is often combined with laser skin resurfacing to achieve truly spectacular skin rejuvenation.

The Angel® system uses your own blood which contains concentrated platelets that are rich in essential growth factors that stimulate tissue repair and collagen formation waging war on wrinkles and damaged skin.  


There is a known direct clinical correlation between the amount of tissue growth factors and platelet concentration and extensive research from the Sieshin Regenerative Medicine Institute - the global leaders in PRP therapies -corroborate that a platelet concentration level of 3-4x baseline is required to achieve a result.  The state-of-the-art Angel® system processes a measured amount of blood and yields a platelet concentration which is titrated to meet this gold standard requirement, which many other PRP systems simply cannot achieve. The Angel® system is also a totally closed, sterile hospital system and, as the treatment is only performed by our qualified doctors who are specifically trained in this technique, you can be assured of receiving a very high quality and clinically safe procedure.

To achieve the optimum result we may also recommend that the PRP treatments are combined with just one session of either TOTAL FX or FRAXEL DUAL to help improve the look of your skin.  Other benefits of the PRP therapy are that the effects are longer term if a course of 2-3 treatments is undertaken over an 18 month time frame.  There is little risk of skin problems such as changes in the pigment and your friends and family will comment on how well you are looking.  So if they enquire what your secret is just say that you have an ‘Angel Glow’.

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